Best Resort in Jim Corbett, Top 10 Luxury Wedding Venue in Jim Corbett

Craft a Romantic Wedding Saga at a Luxurious Setting in Jim Corbett

With the lively and enchanting views offered by Jim Corbett, it is now becoming one of the favorite destinations for wedding celebrations. The destination has the most natural elements to make one’s wedding special and happening. Be it during hot summers or chilly winters, the resort in Corbett has setups for wedding celebrations for all seasons. Though, for most people, it seems like a task to plan a lavish wedding in Jim Corbett. But if you are choosing the right destination, like Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa, the wedding planning won’t feel like a burden to you.

Have you also made up your mind to tie a knot amidst the green landscape of Jim Corbett? If yes, then here is a checklist for what to look for to have a grand wedding celebration at this location.

Find a resort that offers fascinating views for your wedding

As we believe in the concept of ‘Marriages are made in heaven,’ so why not choose a resort that makes it look like that? When planning a wedding in Jim Corbett, most couples prefer an outdoor wedding due to the splendid views. For a magical wedding, look for resorts that offer views of green landscapes or mighty mountain ranges. Like the ones offered at Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa, be it a daytime wedding or a night wedding. With fascinating views, one can get amazing pictures to cherish forever. So, turn your big day magical by choosing the best resort in Corbett.

Look for the facilities offered by the resort

Do not only go after the views, as facilities and services matter the most when planning a lavish wedding. From the ambiance of the resort to the accommodations and amenities offered by them, everything matters. Hospitality is another factor to look for if you wish to have a wedding planned without much hush-hush. Ensure that the resort offers wedding planners to make your wedding day magical. Ask what all the wedding facilities they offer, if the resort has luxurious rooms for your guests, the kind of wedding themes they have, and the catering offered by them. Check if they have enough rooms to accommodate your guests and enough space to plan all wedding functions.

Get all the permissions beforehand for a trouble-free wedding

Many resorts restrict certain things and activities, which is why it is advisable to check them beforehand. Know how many guests they can allow, ask about the entertainment facilities and the timing for music play. Also, check if they allow outside liquor or outside food or not. Know if fireworks are allowed inside the resort premises or not.

Do not forget to check the budget, no matter whether you are planning a lavish wedding or a budgeted wedding. However, if you wish to skip this long task of choosing the best resort in Corbett, go for Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa. After hosting multiple wedding functions and grand wedding celebrations, Anantum Gateway has become one of the best resorts in Corbett for a wedding function.

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