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Monsoon in Jim corbett


Exploring the Monsoon Magic at Jim Corbett: A Perfect Stay at Anantum Resort


With monsoons arriving in India, travel plans are most likely to get canceled. But for those seeking serenity and a refreshing atmosphere, this travel plan will work like magic for them. Yes, we are talking about a travel trip to Jim Corbett during monsoons, as there is nothing more picturesque than this lush green sanctuary during monsoons. With most people in dilemma about whether it is safe to be here during monsoons or what they can explore here during monsoons, it is time you explore this blog and discover more about the monsoon magic at Jim Corbett. But if you are in double thoughts about where to stay during monsoons in Jim Corbett, then the answer is right here, the best resort in Jim CorbettAnantum Gateway Resorts & Spa. Being located amidst the dense green land of Jim Corbett, Anantum offers compelling views to fall in love with the surroundings.

Immerse in the beauty of Jim Corbett this monsoon 

Best Jim Corbett Resort in Monsoon

As the monsoon clouds roll in, the pristine beauty of Jim Corbett starts unfolding, offering an enchanting experience to all. Being called an off-season, the place has fewer crowds in comparison to other seasons, making it perfect to explore. For those who desire to experience the untamed beauty of Jim Corbett, there is no better time than this. The sight of panoramic views of the surrounding hills is a treat to the eyes during monsoons. It is the time when nature enthusiasts, photographers, and artists plan their visit to such offbeat destinations to feel rejuvenated and get inspired by the tranquil beauty of nature. To accompany you and make your monsoon trip to Jim Corbett more memorable, Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa is right there to host you with all the luxury and comfort. Imagine enjoying the stunning landscapes painted in green giving that refreshing vibes like never before, right from the balcony of your accommodation.


Experience the best wildlife encounters
at Jim Corbett National Park


Monsoon Magic in Jim Corbett

Are you also getting the same thoughts about how you will encounter wildlife when most safari rides and zones are closed during monsoons? We know that monsoons in Jim Corbett are called off-seasons, as many ecosystem zones of Jim Corbett National Park remain closed to visitors during this time. But, you must hear the good news that three zones in the Jim Corbett National Park remain open during monsoon. The Jhirna Zone, Dhela Zone, and Phato Zone, all these three zones remain open during monsoon for off season visitors to have some thrilling wildlife encounters. We bet that you would have never thought of witnessing wild animals like this before. It is the time when most wild animals come out of their shelter as they get respite from the heat during the monsoons. As animals are more active during this time, it is considered the best time to catch them in playful action while enjoying the weather. Such scenes create a perfect picture for wildlife photography.

Without waiting for hours to get a sight of majestic Royal Bengal Tigers or returning disappointed without getting to see any wild animal, this monsoon captures them with your eyes and explores the real wildlife beauty at Jim Corbett National Park. The chirping of several species of birds and the sound of vivid wild animals in the calm of dense green forest fill one with never-ending excitement. It is also a perfect time for bird enthusiasts as a plethora of migratory birds makes Jim Corbett their home during this season.


Experience both luxury and adventure
while staying at Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa


Monsoon in Uttarakhand

We know that most resorts are available at low prices during monsoons. But the water logging problem faced by them, makes it completely inconvenient to stay there. With water logging, there is a risk of witnessing reptiles like snakes at such resorts. But with the Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa you will get a completely different experience. One of the major reasons is its location which is far away from the main city and does not face the problem of water logging throughout the season. As it lies close to the Jim Corbett National Park, the earthy aroma of soil and wet leaves from the surroundings offers an impeccable experience to our guests.


As we have our resort inside jungle in Jim Corbett, there is no sound of honking or no hustle or bustle of the city. All you get to experience here is the true form of adventure and serenity both inside and outside the resort. As we are spread across 12 acres of land, there is a lot of nature’s beauty one can witness inside the resort. Being the best 5 star resort in Uttarakhand, we offer lavish stays for all our guests along with some rejuvenating experiences to enjoy. All the rooms are equipped with world-class amenities making it a perfect accommodation for a comfortable stay. For any requirements apart from the ones available inside the room, our 24 by 7 room service is also available. We assure you that you will love the early morning views from your window during monsoon, especially when it is drizzling, it creates an unforgettable experience.


Have a fun-filled stay at the Anantum
Gateway Resorts & Spa


Anantum Gateway Resort in Monsoon 

Jim Corbett itself offers a plethora of activities to do during monsoon, which includes elephant safaris, bird watching, river rafting, encountering wild animals, and a few more. But what if we say that there is a lot to enjoy inside the resort as well? Well, that seems like a cherry on the cake as our resort has a lot to offer for making your monsoon trip magical. We have both indoor and outdoor fun activities available that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Trampoline, ATV Ride, Bicycle Riding, and many other rides for kids will not make you feel bored.


We also have special therapies and massage sessions for people in search of some rejuvenating experiences inside the resort. We have a well-designed spa and salon to help you relax your muscles and unwind your mind from all the chaos. It fills you with freshness during the cozy monsoon environment. With such resort experiences, our resort has become the top luxury resort in Jim Corbett.


To help you all enjoy this monsoon at Jim Corbett, we have curated special monsoon packages for all our guests. We bet that after visiting Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa during monsoon, you will love to visit here every year during monsoon season. If you do not want to miss these adventurous and budget-friendly monsoon packages this year, then it is time you start planning your trip to Jim Corbett right away.


But before you step here, there are a few things you must take care of. Well, as it’s rainy season, here are a few things that every traveler must follow when visiting Jim Corbett during this time.


  • Pack lightweight clothes that easily get dry. It is best to pack waterproof clothes or carry raincoats or waterproof jackets with you.
  • As the path inside the jungle stays muddy during this time, but sturdy and excellent grip shoes to avoid slipping during the jungle trek.
  • Always keep track of the weather to know about heavy rainfall, as sudden pouring is quite often during this time.
  • Avoid taking unknown paths inside the jungle and follow all the instructions and guidelines shared with you by jungle authorities. Try to travel in groups or at least with two to three people to ensure safety.
  • Strictly avoid disposing of waste amidst the jungle or in the open. Do not pollute the forest land and respect nature.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you have an unforgettable and adventure-filled time at Jim Corbett. Now stop delaying your plans any further and start planning your monsoon trip to Jim Corbett now. We have sorted most of the things for you; now all you need to do is to book Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa, take our special monsoon package, pack your bags, and leave for a holiday full of adventure, surprises, and luxury at none other than Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand – an untouched beauty with distinct flora and fauna offering enthralling experiences.


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