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Discover the wilderness with distinct species of fauna in Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett is one of the famous destinations to witness some of the endangered species of fauna in the world. It was developed in the year 1936 and is the oldest and first national park in India. The richness of flora and fauna here makes it a perfect holiday retreat. Whenever one hears Jim Corbett, the first thing that comes to mind is the Tiger, as that is what it is most famous for. The major reason behind it is the launch of the Tiger Conservation Project, which was initiated at Jim Corbett in the year 1973.
Jim Corbett National Park is home to around 585 bird species, 37 dragonfly species, 33 reptile species, 7 amphibian species, and 7 fish species. One can easily spot all these animal species on the land of Jim Corbett National Park, spread across 520.8 sq. km.


Being famous for Royal Bengal Tigers, most people visit Jim Corbett to spot tigers only. However, it is rare to capture them with ease, as most of the time, they are hidden inside their habitats. To capture Tiger, the best time to explore Jim Corbett is during monsoon. However, one can witness the marks of Tiger’s claws on tree trunks, rocks, and land. It gives an idea to one about the territory of Tiger in Jim Corbett National Park. These tigers are also found attaching Sambar, Deer, and Boar present in the national park.


Jim Corbett National Park is famous for the Asian Elephants, also known as Elephas Maximum. It has been mentioned that Jim Corbett alone has more than 700+ elephants available in the national park.


With 500+ bird species, some of the famous bird species available here are Parrot, Teal, Parakeet, Woodpecker, Peacock, Emerald Dove, Rested Kingfisher, Vulture, Common Grey Hornbill, Seagull, Jungle Foul, and many others.


Among the several species of fauna, reptiles are easy to spot in Jim Corbett National Park. Some of the common reptiles available here are Gharial, which is one of the extinct species of fauna, King Cobra, Python, Russels Viper, Indian Crocodile, Monitor Lizard, and a few more.
The list of fauna found in Jim Corbett National Park doesn’t end here. It also houses a wide variety of mammals that includes the Asiatic Black Bear, Sambar, Hog Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Indian Pangolin, Chital Deer, Himalayan Gorilla, Indian Grey Mongoose, Barking Deer, and a few more. The availability of these mammals in the national park helps in the survival of tigers. To witness all these in real, it’s time to explore Jim Corbett National Park.