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Explore the diverse flora in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the perfect destination to discover the diverse species of flora. With more than 600 species of flora, it offers a spectacular view of the lush green forests. Finding such distinctive flora in one location is the perfect treat for nature lovers. Most of the land of Jim Corbett is occupied by shrubs, herbs, climbers, grass, fern, and trees. The dense forest range offers a perfect habitat for the wide fauna species available here.

Chir Pine Forest

It is the only coniferous found in the Jim Corbett National Park. Scientifically, it is known as Pinus Roxburghii. These are mainly found at the higher elevation areas of the Jim Corbett landscape, Chir Choti.

Sal Forest

It is one of the most scattered species of flora found in the Jim Corbett National Park. They are known as the dominating tree species in the Jim Corbett due to the dense canopy they form. Scientifically, they are known as Shorea Robusta. They have mainly covered the lower regions of the Jim Corbett Area.

Bamboo Forest

Some of the regions of Jim Corbett are also covered with Bamboo Trees. All the bamboo trees are known to have the same flowering and fruiting time, though it happens once a decade. The dispersal of the seeds and their decaying also take place at the same time due to their unique flowering pattern. The main Bamboo found in this region is the Male Bamboo, also known as Dendrocalamus Strictus.


Other than the Chir Pine and Sal Trees, Jim Corbett also houses other tree species, including Khair, Sissoo, Date Palm, Banj Oak, Jamun, Aamla, Silver Oak, Eucalyptus, Bel, and Mahua. Some flowering tree species found there are Semal, Kachnar, Dhak, Amaltas, and Madaar.


The widely scattered shrubs in the Jim Corbett region are perfect for animals and birds. They offer both habitat and food to them. Some shrubs are Maror Phali, Ber, Karaunda, Hisar, and Jhau.


The herbs family include Drymaria Diandra, Clover, Indigofera Liniofolia, Leonotis Nepatafolia, Bhilmora, Euphorbia Hirta, and a few wildflowers of Aster and Pea species.


The land of Jim Corbett National Park offers 70+ species of grasses, including KhusKhus, Narkul, Kansi, Bhabar, Spear Grass, Tiger Grass, and many others.